The perfect Mass Effect accessory for all your calibrations

I know, I know… Garrus never had an Omni-Tool. I’m willing to make an inaccurate joke as a headline knowing that the awesome factor of what comes next makes up for it.



This is a new Mass Effect Omni-Tool that’s available over at ThinkGeek. It has a rotating blade, is made of clear orange K-resin, and measures in at an 11 on the Rad-o-Meter.

The description also contains the text,

WARNING: The Omni-Blade replica is NOT a toy. 

Sadly, I don’t think they mean this to imply that it’s a real energy blade. 😦

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Get yours now at ThinkGeek!
Source: Fashionably Geek

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When I think ‘Zelda,’ I think ‘pool table’

Super-Zelda-Fan Bryan (no last name given) has, like many of us, grown up playing Zelda games. He goes so far as to credit the Zelda series as his inspiration to pursue his current career as a stunt fighter in movies and on TV.

Enter Super-Fan Builds


The team at Super-Fan Builds honored Bryan with a Zelda themed surprise for his home. They decided on a pool table, probably due to Bryan’s request for something he and his friends can enjoy and socialize around together.

You can jump to 1:54 to sidestep some bad acting if you so choose. The actual planning and building starts around 3:50, and the reveal is at 10:00, including Master Sword pool cues.


Feeling a bit squirrely? Have we got a surprise for you!

To be honest, I really don’t even know what ‘feeling squirrely’ means. I imagine it has something to do with trees and nuts, maybe the desire to wiggle your tail while chirping at a dog and hanging from a branch, perhaps even being overcome with the urge to run across electrical wires.

But insane or not, everyone should be able to appreciate this awesome statue of one of Marvel’s quirkiest heroes, Squirrel Girl!


The 1/7 scale statue is from Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo statues, which are all amazing. It’s 14 cm/5.4″ tall and shows Squirrel Girl with her fuzzy friend Tippy-Toe.

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Check out this statue and more at Koto Inc.

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Nerd vs Genius

The below image shows that, while we’re all nerds and geeks and should celebrate our awesomeness together, sometimes our thought processes can be at complete opposite ends of the seesaw.


Source: 9gag

Comic book facts – Fact #1: Comic Books known to cure dyslexia in carnivorous plants

Ever since comic books were first invented by the Wright Brothers in 1162, they’ve become an important part of our daily lives. Comic books have even been a part of some of the biggest moments in human history and our domination of the galaxy!

Plato sited much of his success in snowboarding to reading one issue of The Adventures of Sloppy Banjo and Funky Nugget every night before cozying up in his Ikea water bed. He said it made him feel, “Radtastic.”

Hammurabi passed time while hidden inside the Trojan Horse by reading PumpkinStick: The Flamboyant XMan before busting out and taking over Memphis in the War of 1812.

Upon reaching age 12, Children in Australasia area given copies of Smugs Bunny: The Pretentious Leporidae, and then sent into the wilderness for 30 days to survive on a diet of grubs and tree bark. Those who return credit Smugs Bunny as being, “The best survival book I’ve read since Everyone Poops.”

While not a single damn word of what I just said about comic books was true, the below comic book facts are true… at least to the best of my knowledge.

Enjoy, and check out plenty more after the jump!


Source: CHEEZburgerImages courtesy of: All Things DC and Marvel

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How do animals respond to praise? Let’s find out

First off, if you’re not an animal lover you may way to skip this post.

*checks the area*
Are they gone? Good. Stupid jerks that don’t like animals. And stay out!

ANIMALS! More accurately, PETS!


They’re adorable and sweet and fun and super awesome! They add an immeasurable amount of joy and companionship to our lives.

Well, it’s time we give back! Yes, we feed them and clean up their poop, but you know what? They deserve more. They deserve praise and biscuits and squeeky toys!

The following images are before and after pictures of pets who were told they were, “Good boys!” or, “Good girls!” or, hell, maybe someone just talked to them like Ace Ventura for a few minutes. I don’t know!

All I know is that the difference in their lil faces is worth checking out.


Check out a ton more after the break!

Source: Bored Panda

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17 years later, The Sims is still entertaining for all the right/wrong reasons

Since it’s debut in 2000, The Sims series has been the gift that keeps on giving. The Sims has provided about 400 million-billion* hilarious scenarios, glitches, and just unexpected occurrences to its players with no end in sight.

To anyone who’s ever played the game this should come as no surprise. Spend more than 5 minutes playing and you’re likely to have something lul-worthy happen in your game, usually randomly and completely beyond your control.

Yet with as much time as I’ve spent playing The Sims, I’ve never seen anything quite as bizarre or entertaining as what’s in these images. Enjoy!



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Source: CHEEZburger , Buzzfeed

*estimate rounded up to the nearest hundred-million-billion based on research and statistics I just made up

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Nobody said a bounty hunter couldn’t be stylish


Prince Armory, based in Texas, has created what is possibly one of the coolest pieces of culture crossover in this galaxy or any other… even one far, far away.

This Boba Fett armor would look equally awesome and intimidating if it was worn jousting, sword fighting, or chasing down smugglers in space. (I’m sure someone will point out that this armor is horribly designed for one or all of the listed scenarios, and I’m OK with that. I’m all about aesthetics, not functionality.)

Prince Armory was founded in 2007 by Samuel Lee with the vision of crafting high detail works of wearable art.

It all started in a small shop in the back yard and with help from amazing friends, employees, and wonderful clients along the way our portfolio has swelled with incredible creations over the years.

We have created unique custom creations all over the world from individuals to big name giants. We tend to maintain a very small crew but our shop and capabilities have grown over the years.

More images after the break, with some nice close-ups of the detail.

Check out more at Prince Armory
Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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