Extreme makeover, kimono edition

The traditional Japanese kimono has been getting a makeover recently.


Brides in Japan are breaking away from the long form traditional Japanese weddings in favor of a more Western flare while still preserving their beautiful kimonos. The appeal of the western wedding dress is becoming so popular that a company named The Oriental Wasou has come along and begun helping turn the traditional kimonos into beautiful wedding dresses.

The kimonos hold a lot of meaning and sentimental value to the women of Japan, as they are given on the annual Coming of Age Day Ceremony to celebrate them reaching 20 years old, or the age of maturity.

Luckily, the process of converting the kimonos to wedding dresses doesn’t permanently alter them, and only takes 10 minutes.


Check out more images after the break.

Source: Rocket News 24
The Oriental Wasou on Twitter
Images: The Oriental Wasou

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