A brief history of how Final Fantasy came to be

If you’re reading this, you’ve heard of Final Fantasy. It’s easily one of the biggest, most iconic and successful video game franchises in history, and is widely adored by millions. Ask a group of people what their favorite incarnation was and watch the debate that ensues. People are passionate, borderline fanatic, about Final Fantasy games, as they should be.

Considering all that, it may be somewhat surprising to fans of the series that the first version back in the NES days almost didn’t get made. I’ll spare you the details, as the below video explains it far better than I could.

As someone who played the original Final Fantasy countless times, killed the final boss Chaos with one attack (a hasted level 50 Black Belt managed that one), and even ran the game once doing the Red Mage only challenge, I can say that the below video made me a bit nostalgic.

Prepare to have a new appreciation for Hironobu Sakaguchi and, oddly, Dragon Quest.

Check out more videos like this at Video Game Story Time.

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