Penguin gets an adorable wetsuit to help regulate body temperature


A female Adelie penguin at SeaWorld Orlando got some dapper new threads that not only look good, but serve an important purpose.

The penguin, named Wonder Twin, is part of the Antartica: Empire of the Penguin exhibit. Late last year she started to lose feathers on her back and side, which caused her great difficulty accurately regulating her body temperature.


Obviously, this is a huge problem for a penguin who spends their life walking on ice and swimming through water equally cold.

Penguins have special feathers. They are short, broad, and closely spaced – with about 100 feathers per square inch! This helps keep water away from the skin, and tufts of down on the feather shafts increase the insulative properties of the feathers.

As a result of Wonder Twin’s feather-loss, she was having a hard time naturally regulating her body temperature. This is where SeaWorld’s aviculture team stepped in. With a little help from the SeaWorld wardrobe department, the team created a wetsuit to mimic her former coat of feathers.

I’ll admit, it looks a bit like a beer koozie, but that could just be the jealousy talking because Wonder Twin looks better in a wetsuit than I do.

More pics after the jump.


Source: Daily Mail

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