Squint no longer! Smart phone magnifier that looks like a 60’s TV set


I’ve seen a few other devices that magnify a smart phone screen, but never have I seen one so classy!

This gem of design brilliance comes to us from Firebox, features a grip pad to hold a smart phone in the back, and projects it to an 8″ screen that’s set up to look like a classic 60’s television complete with a VHS cassette holder for your phone.

I know, they’re mixing eras, but that’s forgivable for a product this funtastic.

More images after the break.


What it really comes down to is that Firebox understands kids.

They know that kids today feel left out of the nostalgia birthed from family nights where 4 people sat huddled around a postage stamp sized television like freezing cavemen by a burning stick.

Ahh, the good old days.

Check it out on the FireBox website.
Source: Bored Panda

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