Balloon dresses: A cautionary tale

balloon_dress1A little air goes a long way, especially in the world of high fashion inflatable garments.

Molly Munyan, aka @mollyballoons makes clothing out of balloons. I’m only assuming that she doesn’t deal with a lot of hedgehogs in her line of work, but I’ve been wrong before.

I have no idea how long it takes to create one of her amazing dresses, or how strong her lungs must be to blow them all up in the first place, but thanks to a recent post she made on imgur I now know that it takes a full month for her creations to go from human sized evening wear to doll lingerie.

Side Note: I wonder if she’s ever tried to make a swim suit out of balloons for people who are buoyantly challenged.

Two more shots after the break.


Be sure to check out Molly’s Instagram.

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