Beetlejuice only wishes he had furniture this cool

Tim Burton probably wishes Rebecca DeGroot was around in the 80s. Then again, maybe he wouldn’t have wanted her as competition.


The Grand Rapids, MI resident and (coolest) high school art teacher ever creates some of the most amazing furniture I’ve ever seen. It’s sleek, it’s modern, it’s creepy… there’s nothing I don’t love about it!

The work that I produce is as polished and clean as I can make it, oddly stripping it of its natural appearance. In doing so it is given a present status of art as opposed to nature. I am meticulous and analytical in the way that I work with wood. The steps that need to be made to complete the piece are thought out and organized, each having to be done in a certain order. On the other hand, the process of making the piece is an exploration of the material. Finishing the piece is another step-by-step process, working my way from a rough raw surface to that of polished glass.
Rebecca DeGroot

Check out some close ups and concept art after the jump.

Source: Nerd Approved
Check out more her website or Instagram

I'm working on this one now. #Woodworking #Concept #Sketch #Woodturning #Walnut #Wood #Drawing #Moleskine #Ebonizing

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This has quickly become one of my favorites. #Strain #Ebonized #Walnut #Woodworking #Woodturning #Foredom #SaburrtoothTools

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I'll start this one next. #Woodturning #Woodworking #Legs #Spikes #HollowForm #Drawing #Sketch #Moleskine

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