BREAKING NEWS: Cats are good at climbing


For most cats, their daily agenda looks something like my retirement plan: Sleep in, stretch in bed, nap, crawl out of bed and fall down somewhere 10 feet away, nap, eat whatever’s left over from last night, nap, poop, nap, then meow annoyingly at the front door when everyone else is asleep.

For Lalah the cat, it’s all about the gym!

Lalah makes bouldering look effortless as she hops up the wall one stop at a time. I don’t know if this is the first attempt or if she had practice leading up to this, but she does put on a great show, pausing just enough to build some tension.

“Will she, won’t she, I really hope she does! OH I can’t look!”

Spoilers, she makes it.

Image and source: Geekologie

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