17 years later, The Sims is still entertaining for all the right/wrong reasons

Since it’s debut in 2000, The Sims series has been the gift that keeps on giving. The Sims has provided about 400 million-billion* hilarious scenarios, glitches, and just unexpected occurrences to its players with no end in sight.

To anyone who’s ever played the game this should come as no surprise. Spend more than 5 minutes playing and you’re likely to have something lul-worthy happen in your game, usually randomly and completely beyond your control.

Yet with as much time as I’ve spent playing The Sims, I’ve never seen anything quite as bizarre or entertaining as what’s in these images. Enjoy!



More after the break.

Source: CHEEZburger , Buzzfeed

*estimate rounded up to the nearest hundred-million-billion based on research and statistics I just made up


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