Comic book facts – Fact #1: Comic Books known to cure dyslexia in carnivorous plants

Ever since comic books were first invented by the Wright Brothers in 1162, they’ve become an important part of our daily lives. Comic books have even been a part of some of the biggest moments in human history and our domination of the galaxy!

Plato sited much of his success in snowboarding to reading one issue of The Adventures of Sloppy Banjo and Funky Nugget every night before cozying up in his Ikea water bed. He said it made him feel, “Radtastic.”

Hammurabi passed time while hidden inside the Trojan Horse by reading PumpkinStick: The Flamboyant XMan before busting out and taking over Memphis in the War of 1812.

Upon reaching age 12, Children in Australasia area given copies of Smugs Bunny: The Pretentious Leporidae, and then sent into the wilderness for 30 days to survive on a diet of grubs and tree bark. Those who return credit Smugs Bunny¬†as being, “The best survival book I’ve read since Everyone Poops.”

While not a single damn word of what I just said about comic books was true, the below comic book facts are true… at least to the best of my knowledge.

Enjoy, and check out plenty more after the jump!


Source: CHEEZburgerImages courtesy of: All Things DC and Marvel


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