Ermahgerd, berbie Ert-Ert!

Krawka Crochet has skills. Not the kind of skills that would make a thrilling chase scene in a movie, or look crazy awesome in slow motion in front of an explosion, but still pretty impressive.

Exhibit A: Adorable Crochet AT-AT


If I had one of these when I was a kid, that thing would have the dirtiest feet in the world from me taking it outside every day to play with it. It even looks about the right size for some old Star Wars toys to swing around on. Of course I’d have snagged the crap out of it by sticking their arms and legs through the yarn so they could ‘hang on’ while it stomped on an ant hill, but I would have still loved the stuffing right out of it.

Check out more available patterns on the Krawka Crochet Etsy site.
Source: GeekXGirls

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