Classic Clip – Honey Badger, zero shits given

If the phrase, “Honey badger don’t care,” means nothing to you, I recommend you block off the next 5 minutes. 3:20 to watch the video, and 1:40 to immediately send the link to everyone you know so they can appreciate it as well.

Narrated by ‘Randall,’ this video took on a life of its own in 2011. The video now sits at over 81 million views. That’s about 80,999,999 more views than QTW’s spin-off video, “Honey badger cares a lot,” which doesn’t really exist.

Randall stated he chose to redub the National Geographic footage because “this animal eats King Cobras, demolishes animals, and this narrator that is so boring, so I said, ‘we need to spice this thing up.'” Randall also stated that he would be overjoyed if he had the honor of meeting a real honey badger. “If I met a real one, I would, probably like, let it bite my balls off if it wanted to,” states Randall in a 2014 interview with Celebs Daily.


Whether you’ve seen it before or not, click play, turn up the volume, and imagine how many more nature documentaries you would watch if they were all narrated like this one.

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