Rare footage of a polar bear who can’t walk on ice

OK so that’s a misleading title. Maybe I should have went with, “Polar bear runs onto a hockey rink, and you won’t believe what happens next!” or, “A man, a gopher, and a polar bear went for a walk, what happens next will shock you!”

At any rate, the following clip is funny. It makes me laugh. There, short and to the point.

The video features some hilarious outtakes from a commercial shoot for White Bear Mitsubishi in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Brilliantly they decided to get a few people in mascot suits to walk around on a hockey rink. Mascots on ice… people in big hard-to-maneuver-in suits… walking on frozen slippery ass ice. What could go wrong?

If I lived in Minnesota and was looking for a car, this place would get my business.

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