Terry Crews – Robot, Giver of Life Lessons, bad ass supreme

The world is full of people who make every day people look at them with awe and admiration. Whether it’s because of their achievements, their wealth, or their amazing sense of style.

Terry Crews does it for all those reasons and more.

Below, Crews does what could be considered ‘the greatest Robot of all time’ as the video title suggests, but given the nature of the man I think it’s more accurate to say he IS a robot and every day he gives ‘the greatest Human of all time.’

Crews is a former NFL star, actor, Old Spice spokesperson, game show host (probably the most shocking because of his incredibly calm demeanor on the show compared to his normal hyper-energetic persona),  and overall impressive person. Does it really surprise anyone that he’s also a great dancer?

Terry, slow it down a bit and leave something for the rest of us to do. We can’t keep up, maaan!

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