Eminem explaining why his rhymes are better then yours

In case you didn’t know, Eminem isn’t such a bad guy. Yes, in his early days he really enjoyed stirring things up every now and then, and he’s not afraid of confrontation on live TV, but… well ok yeah sometimes he can be a bad guy.

But facts are facts, and the fact is that Eminem’s been around for a while, and looks like he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. He’s still the best selling rap artist of all time, has a movie that gives a glimpse into his life before fame, and runs a successful record label.

Obviously going against the odds and doing the difficult doesn’t scare Slim Shady, but what about doing the impossible. What about a challenge like, ooh I don’t know, rhyming something with the word ‘orange,’ which is supposedly impossible? This clip gives a little peek into his mind as he does exactly that.

Maybe one day there will be a video of me being interviewed where I can explain how I always have something irrelevant and uninteresting to say, and Eminem will link to it on his blog.

Full circle, baby… full circle.

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