Mark Hamill ruins classic Star Wars collector cards in the most hilarious way possible

Mark Hamill, who you may know from Corvette Summer, TV movie The City, or the smash hit series Bronk, has been vandalizing vintage collector items by signing his name and some ill humored quips across their 1970’s semi-glossy faces.

Apparently the cards are from some low budget sci-fi flick called Star Wars. Sounds like something a 3rd grader would make up.

Below you can see some examples for yourself how Hamill has been defacing the collector’s items.



View the rest after the break.
Source: Cheezeburger


3 Replies to “Mark Hamill ruins classic Star Wars collector cards in the most hilarious way possible”

  1. Only a few are funny. Most of these I recall having in my own collection. It’s hard to believe that’s his signature when I can barely make out the Hamill. It astounds me how some people sign their names; it’s like cracking a DNA code.


    1. To me the funny part is that he’s just like, “Ehh, I’ll write whatever the hell I want here. You saved these things for 40 years and I’m going to make it worthless… well, more worthless.”


      1. I don’t think he made the cards worthless. If those are really his notes, the cards are even more priceless. It’s just a shame he didn’t pause longer to give more wit. A card with a lame or insulting quip–like the pansy one–might make me hate the card and the guy. But, a funny quip–like the one about the family cooking sucking–might make me happier for having met the guy.


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