Classic Clip – Trainer and super happy pup dance to Grease

So choreographed dances with dogs is a thing? Who knew?

I did! Thanks to this clip from way back in 2006. I remember being glued to the screen while I watched this clip, seeing how completely happy the puppy was the whole time just a’wagging its tail while it ran backwards across a gymnasium floor in front of a cheering crowd. The only time I can get my dog that excited is when I start to open any canned foods because, despite them recognizing the sound in .004 seconds as a possible treat, it still takes them a full 2 minutes to realize the smell of pineapple means I didn’t just open a can of Chuck Wagon.

Now you can find clips of similar routines all over YouTube, but in 2006 this was a rare treat and cute as hell to boot.

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