Mario themed bathroom – for dropping off the little Goombas at the pool

Despite popular belief, gamers don’t actually spend their entire lives in front of the TV or computer monitor tapping away on buttons and keyboards. They’re a very active and social people. They’re known to engage in some pastimes so common and enjoyable that you may feel differently about them after reading this.

For example, did you know that games often get up, travel great distances, and, just like you and I, occasionally poop?

That’s right, you have something in common with a gamer!

So why not spend your time away from the screen with the types of things you would see on the screen? Enter: The Mario Brothers bathroom!


Using some Mario Bros wall decals, Mario themed towels, light switch cover, shower curtain, rug, soap dispenser, and more, Geek Girl Mistress Zelda over at GeekXGirls put together this bathroom as an homage to her favorite plumber.

All it needs for the pooper to be swapped with a green pipe that goes ‘deeku deeku deeku.’ when flushed. It’s not asking a lot.

While the entire setup is pretty impressive, the part that makes me the most jealous is the light cover. Of course, if that was in my bathroom, I’d have smashed the shit out of that thing with my head at some point. Not with my hand, you heathens! I know everyone thinks Mario uses his hand, but I believed for a good 30 years at this point that it was his head and no amount of proof you show me will convince me otherwise!



Check out more after the break.
Source: GeekXGirls













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