Softball pitcher > belly itcher – A softball pitcher playing dodgeball is a dangerous thing

It’s hard to draw a correlation between softball and dodgeball. One is a sport enjoyed by tens of thousands of people of all ages around the world, and the other is softball.

I kid. But seriously, the two sports have very few similarities between them. The only elements that are remotely related are the ball and the fact that you throw it.

“But softball pitchers don’t know how to throw! They do that wacky whirly swirly and lob the ball all gentle like a big fluffy marshmallow. A softball pitcher would do terrible at dodgeball.”

Oh nonexistant person I just quoted, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Enter: Adyson Slayback

Slayback will knock your face around the back of your head if you’re not careful. The 15 year old softball pitcher demonstrates just how hard she can throw by knocking two of her friends onto their asses. OK, one of them falls over and the other just bends in half as she waits for her organs to de-liquify.

The lesson here? Don’t piss off Adyson Slayback.


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