The Final Fantasy promotional sword/fork (swork*) – Perfect for killing things that are delicious

If you’ve ever seen a critter in the wild and weren’t sure if you should kill it or eat it, I may have the perfect tool for you.


Behold it’s sworky* glory!

Cup Noodle company Nissin created 30 of these little beauties for Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary. The “Ultima Weapon Fork” is only available through a lottery system, requiring the purchase of a special box of ramen noodles, pictured below.


The boxes sell for 6,048 yen (about $53), and each has the chance to win you one of the 30 Ultimate Weapon Forks.

Source: Polygon

*The term ‘swork’ is not actually affiliated with the product at all, but I’m going to slap a TM on it just in case it takes off, so don’t go saying it all willy-nilly.

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