Classic Clip – Group X: Mario Twins (they look the same!) and Peanuts (doot doot)

Oh internet, the things you give to the world…

Back in 1999 when the internet was still in diapers, it was a different kind of world. There was no YouTube, there was no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even MySpace. It’s hard to say just how many wacky ass people were trying to be seen because sharing funny websites or videos was mostly limited to email and AIM.

So when I first found out about Gröûp X, the Arabian Rap Sensations, I did what any self respecting internet nerd would do: I forced everyone I worked with to watch all of their videos. I also burned mix CDs with their songs to listen to, because MP3 players barely existed and certainly weren’t part of your non-smart-phone like they are today, you damn spoiled ass kids.

Gröûp X quickly garnered a small following due to their ridiculous pronunciations of basic English words, their absurd sense of humor, the inability to ever get product names correct (Twizzlers because Twizlexz Bars, Hershey Bars became Her-She Crunch) and several intentionally crudely animated videos featuring their songs.

Gröûp X hasn’t been heard from since around 2011. And to be fair, a 12 year life span is pretty good for a spoof rap group. Sure, they were no Eminem, they’re still worth your time.


Mario Twins:




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