Fallout 4 power armor cosplay – Perfect for stomping radroaches

When someone hears the word ‘Fallout,’ several images instantly come to mind: charred and lifeless landscapes, blue jumpsuits, bookshelves displaying the heads of your victims.

Oh… am I the only one who does that? Whoopsie.

One other thing should come to mind pretty quickly when thinking about Fallout: Power Armor.

Enter: MrZ

Photo: Joe Morley Photography

Yeah, that’s some real looking shit right there! MrZ didn’t skimp on the detail, so you shouldn’t feel bad about swooning a little when you see it in action. You should feel bad, however, if you stand in the way for too long and end up squished under one of those big ass feet.

Considering how large and clunky it must feel to wear the armor, he still moves around pretty easily. Plus there’s the added advantage of looking intimidating as hell with that slow, deliberate pace.

Source: FashionablyGeek

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