I can’t even do these steps on a dance floor – Korean girl casually dances while longboarding

I spent years skateboarding around town and trying to teach myself how to do even the most basic tricks. Countless collisions with the ground and *ahem* years later, I would be lucky if I could still ollie.

Still with all my time spent scooting around on a wheeled plank of wood, I was never anywhere near as graceful as Park Sang Jeong.

I know, I know, there’s no shortage of people dancing on longboards these days, but the video above is oddly hypnotic. The music is calm, the camera moves nice and smooth, and Park Sang Jeong tiptoes around on her board like it’s barely moving at all.

Also, QtW is not responsible for any feelings of being clumsy and awkward that you may feel during or after watching this video. Get off the computer, go outside, and try it yourself if you feel that way. Don’t complain about it, get good! Nerd…

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