We live in a world where even dogs have mean tweets about them – Jenna Marbles reads dog hating tweets

Jenna Marbles is hilarious. I mean seriously funny. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be watching her videos and cracking up on a regular basis. But Jenna isn’t the only one who appears in her videos, the only star who shines, the only baked sweet potato that goes great with brown sugar: She also has a multitude of cameos of her dogs Kermit, Peach, and Marbles.

So what better way could there be to show her affection towards he fuzzy friends than to roast the shit out of them?

Oddly, the dogs don’t seem to mind too much.

This is all in good fun, I promise you. And in fact I asked on Twitter because the majority of comments with any of my dogs in the video is just extremely overwhelmingly positive because, I mean, who goes on the internet to just like shit on dogs?

Be sure to check out more videos on her YouTube channel.

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