Tech Tuesday – The ‘Queen of Shitty Robots’ lives up to her title – Simone Giertz gets a manicure from a robot

Simone Giertz, aka The Queen of Shitty Robots, is known around the nerdosphere for her inventions. Unlike John B. Goodenough who makes things that actually work, Simone’s niche is robots that have one specific purpose and fail horribly in doing it.

I had a robot do my nail polish because I’m DISAPPOINTED that it’s 2017 and I still have to DO THAT STUFF MYSELF. C’mon technology catch up.

Simone’s videos have gone from 30 second – 1 minute clips of her keeping a completely straight face while her robots wreaked havoc directly next to her/on her to this new format of us getting to see how the robots really work and laughing our asses off with her.

Courtesy Imgur

Check out more on her YouTube channel.

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