Cutest reaction you’ll see all day – Wonder Woman cosplayer greets her clone and causes a cute-overload

Did you ever hear a girl (or guy, who am I to judge?) at prom complaining about how someone else wore the same dress they did? Infuriating! How dare they? Dat bish! Naturally, the girl’s (or guy’s, equality yo!) friends would cluster around to reassure the wounded ego that they looked MUCH better in it than that other hussie. But that doesn’t ever happen in real life, does it?

Two Wonder Woman cosplayers at MEGACON had a similar face off, but there was no question about who wore it better.

The answer is me, I wore it better. Unfortunately I wasn’t there. I was at home in the middle of a 12 hour marathon session of Hee Haw, because by golly I do love me some Kornfield Kounty rural humor.

Source:Fashionably Geek

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