Dogs have no chill – What cats do when they see a bird vs what dogs do

*giggle* I said, “Dog do.”

There are exceptions to every rule.

Once in a while it is possible to plug in a USB cable the right way on the first try.

Not all Canadians are unnaturally friendly, and some never in their lives say, “Eh,” or, “Aboot.”

There’s at least 2 people alive to this day who still find Dane Cook funny.

Some Genji mains are actually very skilled players who don’t cry out for healing every time they see red in the distance.*

All small dogs flip their shit and bark at anything that moves.

This last one is actually the exception to the exception to the rule. It’s true that all small dogs flip their shit, and bark like lunatics at anything that moves.

Exhibit A:

Notice how the cats are completely content to just stare at the bird and daydream about how savory it would taste and what McNugget sauce would go best with it’s feathery meats. The dog, in typical small dog fashion, looses its mind and leaves chaos in its wake.

Small dogs… you crazy little bastards.

Source: Imgur

*this is a lie, they all do that

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