Oh my god! You dressed like Kenny!


If you’ve ever spent time standing around a bus stop with 3 friends talking about Christmas poo, aliens, and Chinpokomon but felt like something was missing, I have good news.

Burton now has official South Park hats and hoods that look like the hats worn by your favorite foul mouthed kids! (assuming your favorite kids are Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman. Sorry Butters fans, no yellow tuft for you.)

They also have a South Park themed snowboard, socks, and mittens. If I’m being honest, the hats are where it’s at.

Check them all out on the Burton Shop.

Image courtesy of Cool Material.

Bruce Campbell switches places with Stephen Colbert

Bruce Campbell, gentleman, scholar, nerd icon, and hero to all, swapped seats with Stephen Colbert to do his impression of the talk show host…

And he totally nails it!

What makes this even more amazing is that it’s all done at the request of none other than Zena: Warrior Princess, aka Lucy Lawless.

Also, be sure to check out the show they’re promoting, Ash vs Evil Dead, when it comes out this Halloween.